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The BTNX Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Test provides results in 15 minutes

Haven distributes the BTNX Rapid Response COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Device. Built with simplicity in mind, the test requires a less-invasive nasal swab and no special instruments to interpret results. 

Stop the spread

There are different types of COVID-detection tests, each with a different purpose. Public health clinics in Canada use the PCR test because it is the “gold-standard” for detecting the presence of genetic material left by the virus. It is highly accurate and will detect the virus long after the contagious period. The downside to this test is that it takes a longer period of time to get results. 

Antigen tests detect the presence of a live virus and have a shorter period of time for when the virus can be detected. This period of time is also the most infectious time. Therefore, antigen tests are the best tests to determine contagiousness.   

A graph showing the probability of detection using an rapid antigen test vs a PCR test based on SARS-CoV-2 viral load over time since exposure. A marker for the onset of symptoms is shown to before peak sensitivity of both tests

Test quickly. Test often.

Having a supply of rapid antigen tests on hand allows you to stay on top of your family’s health. Proactively testing for antigens when asymptomatic means you can react immediately before there is a chance to transmit the virus to your loved ones or community. 

child being masked by father

When the results are in

Rapid COVID-19 antigen tests are an important part of an overall system of testing. Should you test positive, you should follow up within 24 hours with a laboratory-based PCR test to act as a confirmatory test. 

Rapid COVID-19 antigen tests are best used in pairs. If you are symptomatic but receive a negative result, it is possible that the virus has not been built up in your system enough to detect the virus. A second test should be performed between 36 hours and 3 days after the initial test to confirm the negative result.

A BTNX at home rapid antigen test for COVID-19 along side bathroom items.

* For Ontario customers: The Ministry of Health in Ontario issued guidance on antigen point-of-care testing that allows for self-swabbing. The self-swabber must consult the self-swabbing training resource developed by the Ministry.