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My own experience with rapid antigen tests

Child with negative haven antigen test

Today, I experienced first-hand the benefit of having rapid COVID-19 antigen tests on hand.  Read on to see how my daughter's week was at risk of being ruined because of a tummy ache.  

How effective are vaccines in protecting against the new variants of the virus?

illustration of COVID virus

Two studies out of the UK set out to answer this question.

The first study from Francis Francis Crick Institute found levels of neutralizing antibodies were found to be 5.8 times lower when tested against the Delta variant than the original COVID-19 strain for which current vaccines were developed. 

The second suggests that the current generation of vaccines will provide protection against the B.1.617 lineage.  However, they noted there was reduction in neutralizing antibodies, which could lead to breakthrough infections. 

Airport studies demonstrate effectiveness of rapid COVID-19 antigen testing

An airport gate is shown with very few passengers due to fear of contracting COVID-19.

Airports are perhaps the most ideal settings for rapid antigen testing. Traveling during the best of times can be an uneasy experience, but during the pandemic everyone is on high alert. Is that a tickle in my throat?  Am I sick?  Is the person beside me sick?  Can I trust that every passenger on this plane is COVID free?  What about the flight attendants?  And the questions go on.