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Child with negative haven antigen test

My own experience with rapid antigen tests

First, some context. My 7-year old daughter has been attending drama day camp all week and has been eagerly awaiting Friday when she and her friends will get to perform in a play for the parents. We’ve been practicing her lines diligently and assembling her costume for the big day.
Her participation came into question this afternoon when she complained of a sore tummy at camp. The counsellors, responsibly, called us to come pick her up. They mentioned that they had rapid antigen tests, and that they could test her for COVID, so she could come back to camp. I declined because I knew testing her on site was going to be a challenge. She is nervous about visiting the dentist and doctor at the best of times and I knew it would take some coaxing to get her to take the test.
Later, after 20 minutes, tears, a bribe, and lots of hugs, we were able to convince her to take the test. It was remarkably painless and she was all smiles when the results were negative. So off to camp we go and the play is back on for her!
I realized an unintended benefit of being able test her when needed. Her tummy pain could have kept her from camp for a few days and that would have been really disappointing for her. Her words to me as we put the final touches on her costume tonight... “Mommy, it was worth it!”